Amiera Darwish

Amiera Darwish
Chemistry, Physics

Director, Customer Support


  • Chemistry
  • Physics

About Amiera:

Amiera holds a First Class Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, where she did extensive research studies in the field of Inorganic Chemistry.

Amiera has a passion for tutoring, with over 10 years experience. She began tutoring at University, providing educational advice and guidance to a 1st year undergrad SEN student and helping a secondary school student attain the grades required for entry into veterinary school.

Since then, over 90%  of Amiera’s students are awarded A or A* results and all of them improve their grade. Frequent feedback also includes and increased level of confidence, something that Amiera feels is vital for successful study and strong academic results.

Other life experience includes studies at The Conservatoire of Scotland where she was awarded a BA in Acting. Amiera also has over ten years study and performance experience in Classical Singing.


  • “Amiera was incredibly well prepared for each lesson … her own passion for her subject is clear, and she is excellent at understanding when to go into greater depth and when to hold back.”
  • “Above all she is inspiring and her interest is infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons.”
  • “Amiera is warm, engaging, thoughtful and kind.”
  • “Her approach to teaching, and her transmission of ideas, are vivid, highly intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable. She imbued me with love of the subject and confidence in the handling of complex ideas.”
  • “My daughter achieved an A* in GCSE Physics. I think Amiera gave the extra bit of help that was necessary to ensure an excellent grade.”