Dasara Hadri


  • Chemistry
  • Maths

About Dasara:

As a Masters Student in Chemistry at University College London, I have a grasp of the sciences and good mathematical skill. I am a strong believer in the phrase ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ and for that reason have always valued tutoring.

I have worked as a tutor previously, with students varying from primary school to A level, some of which had English as an additional language. I have worked one on one with GCSE and A level students across the sciences and mathematics, as well as groups of students studying for the 11+. Though I primarily have tutored Chemistry, Biology and Maths, I have also assisted with English lessons in my previous job.

Recently, I gained experience working as Teaching Assistant/Science Technician, primarily with A level Chemistry students helping with exam preparation and practical assignments. This helped me determine main errors students make when studying for exams, and helped build good exam technique and teach revision tricks to the students I had the liberty of working with.

This experience combined with the nature of my degree has helped me develop the skills to break down difficult topics and deliver them in a way that aids understanding.