Jakub Dranczewski


  • Computing
  • Physics

About Jakub:

Jakub is a third year undergraduate Physics student at Imperial College London. His results in both years of study have been recognised with the Ken Allen Prize for Academic Excellence (awarded for the second highest grade amongst first year students) and the Richard Learner Prize for Excellence in Second Year Laboratory.

Jakub’s experience with the British education system started when he enrolled on a scholarship programme at Dulwich College where he completed an accelerated course of A Levels, achieving A* grades in Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Computing.

Thanks to his experience, Jakub has developed strong skills in learning and revising quickly which he passes on to tutees.

Sharing science insight with people is one of Jakub’s passions, surfacing in numerous science communication projects he has engaged with, in helping his peers both in school and at university, as well as guiding A Level students towards their exams.

Jakub puts a lot of emphasis on understanding and showing not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’. He strongly believes mutual communication with the student and nourishing their interest in the subject are both key to good academic performance. To that end, the experience obtained during various research placements and multidisciplinary science camps enables him to provide deeper and clearer explanations of even complex Physics and Maths concepts, be it explaining Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes to humanities scholars, or the basics of Quantum Mechanics to GCSE students.

In addition to Physics and Science Communication, Jakub loves cycling, photography and reading. He also actively engages in technical theatre activities with Imperial College’s DramSoc, mostly concentrating on lighting design for plays and live music shows.