Megan Joseph


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Maths

About Megan:

As a Biological Sciences student at Imperial College London I have a good understanding of all the sciences. Studying communicating science, volunteering at the Imperial Festival and becoming an academic mentor has equipped me with the skills to not only understand scientific subjects but also to communicate these in an interesting way, drawing upon real life experiences.

I have always enjoyed teaching scientific subjects from informally in revision sessions with friends to 4 years professional tutoring experience. Many students I teach have reported increasing grades by 2 or more levels.

However, for me the most important thing I can teach students is the ability to have confidence whilst having fun studying (yes, it is possible!).  Another skill which I teach my tutees is the ability to revise. This is not a trivial skill, and everyone has individual ways of doing so but, once you have this skill you will use it for life.