Rene Vermaat


  • 11+
  • Mathematics
  • Functional Skills Maths Entry Levels 1-2
  • SEN Specialist

About Rene:

Rene is a fully qualified and experienced Maths Teacher and private Maths Tutor. Rene has a MSc in Maths (Analysis and Statistics). Since the end of November 2015 Rene also worked as a Maths Tutor, sometimes working almost 30 hours per week as a tutor. Rene has a clear passion for tutoring and Maths.

Rene likes working individually with people and builds up their confidence and love for Maths. Rene has learnt that most students who struggle with Maths have gaps in their Maths skills. Learning and understanding Maths is all about the fundamentals. With his vision Rene has the talent to see very quickly which gaps in the fundamental’s the students have and he has different methods to help them improve. All Rene’s students have improved in their Maths skills and their pass level has increased.

Being a father of a child with Down Syndrome (13years old) helped Rene to be patient but also persistent to teach kids with learning difficulties. Rene also worked  with students with physical or mental limitations, like sickle cell anaemia, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

Rene is currently teaching 3 days at a Secondary SEN School in Haringey, mentoring/coaching other teachers to be better in theirMaths and working 1-2-1or in small groups with around 40 more talented /skilled students: 75% of them have autism. He also works as a private Maths Tutor 11plus, GCSE and A level.

Rene is able to empower and encourage students who lack self-confidence by taking small steps in his teaching.


  • “Rene has been an amazing tutor for the past couple of months, I had been struggling a lot with my A2 maths but the work we have done together has made me feel more confident and able. The time and effort he put into all of the sessions is exceptional and I recommend him wholly as a tutor.”
  •  “We and our daughter liked Rene very much. He was helpful regarding availability. He was calm and professional, and our daughter learned a lot from him. Highly recommended.”
  •  “Rene has tutored my son for A level mathematics for 18 months. He is punctual and reliable. Rene has a calm approachable manner. He has explained concepts clearly to my son and helped to boost his grades. I would recommend him as a maths tutor.”
  •  “Excellent tutor, patient and detailed assistance with first concepts and more advanced thinking in algebra and linear equations.”
  •  “Rene is a very good maths teacher. He is very caring, trustworthy and reliable. He is dedicated and very often will spend as much time as necessary to ensure students understand the concepts. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other parents.”
  •  “An excellent tutor, very patient and understanding, very worthwhile the money and lesson, thank you.”
  •  “Rene is an excellent tutor. Extremely thorough, patient and very creative in his approach to teaching Maths. My 11-year-old nephew enjoys the lessons and is definitely benefiting from Rene`s dedicated hard work and friendly delivery.”
  •  “Since using Rene my daughter`s grades have increased from D to A. He has been flexible with dates and times and has shown patience and understanding when tutoring. This was the best decision I made to help my daughter get back on track.”
  •  “My daughter is very happy with the classes. She finds Rene informative, approachable and easy to get a long with. She is enjoying her lessons with him and his teaching method seems to be most efficacious.”