Shucayb Ali


  • Chemistry
  • Maths

About Shucayb:

Shucayb is a master’s student at University College London studying Chemistry with a First-Class grade overall so far. He has experience tutoring in a variety of settings ranging from private 1:1 tutoring to small classes of 10 students at centres, specialising in GCSE/A-level Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics as well as the FSMQ Additional Mathematics course.

Furthermore, Shucayb has spent a year working as a teaching assistant at a London Sixth Form School in A-level Sciences and Maths, where he was required to aid in the planning of lessons as well as offer 1:1 mentoring and tutoring sessions to students ensuring they gained a comprehensive understanding of the material, were able to go over any issues encountered in their revision, and were well-versed in the university application process. Hence, Shucayb’s previous experience in teaching and his current undergraduate studies in Chemistry has honed his ability to decipher complex information into understandable terms, a key skill in tutoring subjects with concepts that can be quite abstract such as with Physics and Chemistry.

Shucayb tailors his lessons to each individual, but a common theme that runs in his lessons is to first ensure that a solid foundation is made in the subjects taught by using a bottom-up approach to teaching whilst focusing on the areas that the student is struggling at. He has found this method to work really well and allow for students to get a good grasp of the subjects they find daunting at first such as with science.