Sinéad Bevan

Sinéad Bevan


  • English
  • Drama
  • Foundational Maths
  • Human Biology
  • History
  • Specialist in SEN

About Sinéad:

Sinéad has a Bachelor in Secondary Education from Curtin University in Western Australia, specialising in English and Drama. She is currently the coordinator of a school and leads on curriculum; writes individual education plans; and ensures progression onto college, so your child is in expert hands being tutored by Sinéad. 

As well as overseeing all teaching & learning within her school, Sinéad has personally taught English, Drama, Foundational Maths, Functional Skills, and a variety of OCN and BTEC awards & certificates. She is confident tutoring in a variety of subjects across the board – don’t be afraid to enquire.

Sinéad is also an ESOL expert and has a Cambridge-awarded CELTA qualification. She can teach English as a second language from beginners to advanced.

Sinéad has been teaching for 10 years and worked in mainstream & SEN schools across Australia, Italy and the U.K. Sinéad can work with any special educational needs or barriers to learning, including communication disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyslexia. 

Sinéad has concentrated experience working with students who demonstrate emotional & behavioural barriers to learning, particularly those placed in Pupil Referral Units.

In addition to the subjects listed above Sinéad also has experience tutoring and teaching: Health & Social Care, Media Studies, Personal and Social Education, Preparation for Working Life, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Work and Life Skills, Functional Skills and Vocational Coursework.



  • “Sinéad is a highly skilled, imaginative and inventive teacher that uses both her communication skills and her knowledge of resources to totally consume her students in their learning. She has been able to bespoke her teaching to a huge variety of students with difficulties in emotional, behavioural and academic engagement. Sinéad has genuine joy in seeing her students gain self confidence and self esteem and meet the goals that both she and they set for themselves. Sinéad is able to quickly form a strong bond with her students and encourage them in both their education and personal growth.”
  • “My child has never been so happy and well behaved since she started working with Sinéad.”
  • “Sinéad is a consistently positive force.”