BABAR ARSHAD (Maths, Further Maths, Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology … )

“Having known Babar for the better half of a decade as a colleague and a friend, I have witnessed first-hand the way he explains and conveys complex problems whether academic or not into smaller solvable summaries. Babar is meticulous, thoughtful and considerate with his approach to teaching and these are desirable qualities to have when teaching physics where concepts can be quite abstract. I wholeheartedly recommend Babar as your Tutor as I know he can get the most out of each session you have with him.”

GAVIN FIDDLER (11+, 13+, English, Maths, History, Politics … )

“We are extremely grateful to you for having tutored A. through this phase. He has understood and acquired a wide variety of learning techniques for both Maths and English. Your patience and focus has helped A. grow confident in his mannerisms and shows in his school results as well. Please count on us to provide the best of references, should the same be required. We will surely be in touch with you next year as, our younger son, embarks on a similar journey.”

RENE VERMAAT (11+, Maths, SEN Specialist … )

“Rene has been an amazing tutor for the past couple of months, I had been struggling a lot with my A2 maths but the work we have done together has made me feel more confident and able. The time and effort he puts into all of the sessions is exceptional and I recommend him wholly as a tutor.”

TOBY THATCHER (Piano, Oboe, Recorder, Music Theory … )

“His ability to  to draw the best from the young musicians within an educational environment is second to none. I recommend Mr. Thatcher without hesitation.”

ALASDAIR BUCHAN (English, Maths, History, Drama … )

“Alasdair tutored my son for the 10+ English exam and he did a brilliant job. My son hates English yet he really enjoyed his sessions with Alasdair! He came on leaps and bounds within just a few sessions and has been inspired to read more. I am very grateful.”

SALMAN HUSSAIN (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computing … )

“Salman really goes the extra mile when it comes to teaching, always finding new and creative ways to help me understand challenging concepts!”

SINÉAD BEVAN (English, Drama, Specialist in SEN … )

“Sinéad is a highly skilled, imaginative and inventive teacher that uses both her communication skills and her knowledge of resources to totally consume her students in their learning. She has  been able to bespoke her teaching to a huge variety of students with difficulties in emotional, behavioural and academic engagement.”

POOJA PITHADIA (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology … )

“Pooja is awesome, very detail orientated, and made sure I understood  every step. She has great depth of knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to learn maths and science.”